September 27, 2017

Spring 2018 registration time is upon us! Here are the Public Health Science courses that will be offered next semester. We have a couple of exciting new options courses for the spring including LGBT Health. If you have questions about what to register for please see an advisor.

Public Health Science Foundation Courses

Course ID Course Title Credit
HLTH366 Behavioral and Community Issues in Public Health  3
EPIB300 Biostatistics for Public Health Practice 3
EPIB301 Epidemiology for Public Health Practice  3
MIEH300 Introduction to Environmental Health  3
MIEH400 Introduction to Global Health 3
KNES360* Physiology of Exercise 4
HLSA300 Introduction to Health Policy and Services 3
PHSC401 History of Public Health  3
PHSC415 Essentials of Public Health Biology: The Cell, The Individual, and Disease 3
PHSC497§ Public Health Science Capstone  3

* Sections that begin with 02 are specifically for PHSC students
§ Only students in their final semester should register for this course

Public Health Science Options: Reserved for PHSC Students

These courses are open to Public Health Science majors only. Some of them do have pre-requisites so please click through for more details.

    Course ID        Course Title
MIEH331 Built Environment, Sustainability, and Public Health
MIEH333 Every Drop Counts: Water, Food and Global Public Health
PHSC420 Vaccines and Immunology
HLTH471* Women's Health
HLTH460* Minority Health
PHSC389 Public Health Science Independent Study
PHSC399 Public Health Science Internship
PHSC402 Public Health Emergency Preparedness

* Sections that begin with 02 are specifically for PHSC students

Public Health Science Options: Open to All Majors

These courses are not restricted to PHSC majors meaning that limited seats are available. Please click through for information on pre-requisites.

COURSE ID Course Title
HLTH377 Human Sexuality
HLTH424 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health
FMSC310 Maternal, Child, and Family Health
FMSC460 Violence in Families
KNES460 Physiology of Aging and the Impact of Physical Activity
KNES461 Exercise and Body Composition 


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