August 14, 2017

Family Science Associate Professor Marian Moser Jones was interviewed recently by Alex Cummings, Associate Professor at Georgia State University, and Nicolas Hoffmann, Lecturer at Kennesaw State University and Ph.D. candidate at Georgia State University, for their podcast, Doomed to Repeat. In this podcast interview, Dr. Jones discusses the recent history of childhood vaccination in the United States, and explores the larger political and cultural shifts underlying the development of the anti-vaccination movement. She also provides her perspective on how public health professionals and organizations could more effectively communicate the risks that stem from failing to vaccinate children.

Dr. Jones’s is a social historian whose research focuses on public health issues and how American institutions decide how to provide support during public health crises.

"I explain in this podcast the history and cultural factors that underlie the recent anti-vaccination movement,” says Dr. Jones. “As Elena Conis has shown in her research, the same root distrust of the medical establishment that led women and medical consumers to demand a greater say in their health care decisions also led some people to question the value of childhood immunization. And distrust of immunization is unlikely to disappear in our society until the underlying issue of distrust in medical and health institutions is fully addressed."

Listen to the full podcast here.

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