Taylor B. Rogers, 
M.P.H. Health Equity Candidate

January 20, 2017

Taylor Rogers, a Master of Public Health student in the new health equity track, has been awarded a summer research award from the University of Nebraska College of Public Health's Cancer Epidemiology in their Special Populations (CEESP) program. After attending an orientation trip in Nebraska this spring, she will spend 15 weeks this summer in Tanzania studying cancer patients, with all expenses paid and money provided for her research activities. Ms. Rogers' mentor on the project is Dr. Stephen Thomas in the Maryland Center for Health Equity and the Department of Health Services Administration. 

“I'm grateful to have the opportunity to propose, defend and now EXECUTE my own research project,” Ms. Rogers said.  “I have a personal interest in HPV and cervical cancer, and it's the leading cause of death among women in Tanzania, so I'm really excited to have a very hands-on opportunity to assess cervical cancer disparities there. I hope that this experience lays the foundation for my career in disparity research and social justice.”

Upon completion of the summer research project, Ms. Rogers will attend a career planning workshop at the University of Nebraska in August.


Taylor Rogers is serving as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Maryland Center for Health Equity (M-CHE). She is first year Masters of Public Health student (MPH) concentrating in Health Equity under the Health Services Administration department of the School of Public Health. Her academic and research interests include eliminating racial/ethnic disparities, community engagement, reproductive health and vaccination uptake. Ms. Rogers was drawn to the Maryland Center for Health Equity's mission to achieve equity among low income communities and minorities in Maryland through community engagement, outreach and research. She is currently involved supporting the Health Advocates In-Reach and Reach (H.A.I.R.) initiative and assessing the community around the upcoming Catholic Charities Susan D. Mona Center for Health and Wellness in Temple Hills, MD. Upon completion of her MPH, Ms. Rogers hopes to pursue a PhD in Community Health Science or Health Policy and ultimately be a health disparity researcher.

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