August 7, 2017

Some studies show that college students who smoke marijuana regularly may have lower grade point averages. Dr. Amelia Arria, Director of the Center on Young Adult Health and Development and principal investigator for the College Life Study, is one of multiple researchers who can point to reasons why. 

Dr. Arria told USA Today that her study found a correlation between smoking marijuana and not going to class. The College Life Study takes a long-term look at the behaviors and habits of more than 1,200 students from the beginning of college to young adulthood post-graduation.

“What we found was that skipping class was related to GPA over time, and that marijuana use was related to skipping class,” she said.

Dr. Arria's research factored in other variables like alcohol use and sleep habits.

“These effects are probably pretty subtle, but significant,” she says. “You’re not going to have a person who recognizes right away that this is interfering with their grades and just comes to this big realization that it’s affecting their grades.”

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