Family Science pre-professional majors

The Family Science major provides an excellent foundation for students interested in pre-professional studies.  A Bachelor’s of Science in Family Science involves the research based study of public health by promoting families’ physical, mental, and social wellbeing to eliminate the burden of disease and health disparities, and to foster resilience and social justice.  With its dynamic interdisciplinary professors, small class sizes and opportunities for research and internships, FMSC is a unique way to prepare for your professional future. In combination with FMSC’s required courses, students can easily complete the necessary science and other professional courses in four years. Family Science offers five pre-professional tracks to help students prepare for graduate health programs in pre-med, pre-physician’s assistant, pre-nursing, pre-occupational therapy, and pre-physical therapy. 

Students interested in the FMSC pre-medical professional tracks, should work closely with the Reed-Yorke Health Professions Advising Office at UMD and the FMSC undergraduate advisor, Kay Myat,

Also, students interested in pre-law and legal careers are encouraged to look at FMSC’s Law and Policy track and Family Law and Mediation track. Students interested in the pre-law tracks should work closely with UMD’s Pre-Law Advising Office, and the FMSC undergraduate advisor, Kay Myat,  

Family Science four-year template: Pre-PT Track

Family Science four-year template: Pre-PA Track

Family Science four-year template: Pre-Med Track

Family Science four-year template: Pre-Pharm Track

Family Science four-year template: Pre-Nursing Track

Family Science four-year template: Pre-OT Track