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July 2012

Transforming Health in Prince George's County:
A Public Health Impact Study

NEWS RELEASE (July 25, 2012):
Transforming Health in Prince George's County: UMD Study to Inform Health Care System Redesign

Commissioned by Prince George's County, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), the University of Maryland Medical System and Dimensions Healthcare System, the Public Health Impact Study of Prince George's County was conducted by a team of senior researchers at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. "Transforming Health in Prince George's County, Maryland: A Public Health Impact Study" is the summary report detailing the findings of this unique group of studies that will inform the design of a new system to improve health and health care in Prince George's County. Click on the report cover image below to download the PDF summary report document.

Transforming Health in Prince George's County: Public Health Impact Study report cover

Section II: Technical Reports

Section II of the Public Health Impact Study of Prince George's County report includes technical reports that document the methods, findings, limitations and a summary for each of the seven study components. We also include copies of the study instruments, where appropriate. While the findings of these study components formed the basis for the integrated answers to the study's five framing questions, the technical reports include more detailed data than was possible to include in Section I, and also provide insights for the study as a whole.

Download a PDF (7 MB) of the complete Public Health Impact Study, including Section I (the summary report) and Section II (the detailed technical reports).

Download a high resolution PDF (29 MB) of the complete Public Health Impact Study.

Technical Report 1
Random Household Health Survey

Sandra Crouse Quinn, Stephen B. Thomas and Susan Passmore.

Technical Report 2
Interviews with Key Stakeholders

Linda Aldoory

Technical Report 3
Physician Count and Categorization and Characteristics of Physicians in the State of Maryland and Prince George's County

Mei-Ling Ting Lee and Raul Cruz-Cano.

Technical Report 4
Identification of Geographic Areas of Need for Primary Care: An Assessment of the Geographic Distribution of Selected Health care Resources

Min Qi Wang

Technical Report 5
An Overview of the Public and Public Health Resources in Prince George's County

Elliot A. Segal, Amber Sims and Sylvette LaTouche Howard

Technical Report 6
Current (2007-2009) Experiences and Future Projections of Prince George's County Residents' Hospital Encounters

Karoline Mortensen

Technical Report 7
An Assessment of Comparable Model Health care Systems: Interviews with Key Professionals

Laura Wilson, Rada Dagher, Lori Simon-Rusinowitz and Dawn Hamilton

For more information, please contact Kelly Blake, communications director for the School of Public Health at or (301) 405-9418.


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