Welcome to the School of Public Health (SPH) Undergraduate Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA). Our purpose is to enhance the academic experience for SPH students, and to assist them in achieving their academic, co-curricular, and career goals. Advisors in CASA work with faculty and staff within SPH and across campus to provide accurate and timely information, services, programs, and advising.

"Move to Online" Update


As communicated by President Loh, the University will be moving to an online environment starting March 30th, 2020 and continuing at least to April 10, 2020.  During these temporary measures, the School of Public Health will continue it’s advising processes completely online. Throughout this period of online instruction, please continue to check your university email account for any updates from the University of Maryland and the School of Public Health. 


The following information is for ALL advising procedures beginning Wednesday, March 18th through at least April 10, 2020. 


1:1 Advising Appointments & Mandatory Advising


During this time our advising processes will be moved fully online. If you have questions for an advisor, please email them. Advisor contact information can be found on our website: https://sph.umd.edu/staff


If you are unsure where to direct your question, please send it to sphadvising@umd.edu and your email will be forwarded on to the appropriate person. 

If you need to meet with an advisor for mandatory advising or otherwise, your first step is to schedule an advising appointment using the same procedures as normal.

One on one advising appointments with departmental advisors (KNES, PHSC, HLTH, and FMSC) can be made online via our appointment manager: https://appointments-sphl.umd.edu/ramonline.


One on one mandatory advising for student athletes and students on academic probation can be made online via TerpEngage: https://terpengage.umd.edu/Login.html


Once you schedule your 1:1 advising appointment, the advisor will email you with directions about how that meeting will be held whether it be online, over the phone, or via email.  If you require additional accommodations for this meeting, please contact the advisor. 


Drop-in Advising 


The Center for Academic Success and Achievement  will not be holding drop-in hours. Students can email sphadvising@umd.edu with general advising questions.


Public Health Science  will host virtual drop-in hours online for general questions through the PHSC online chat.


Kinesiology will not hold drop-in hours. For any general advising questions email Polly Shurer pollys@umd.edu or Lindsey Winter lmrodkey@umd.edu for questions. 


Community Health  will not hold drop-in hours. For any general advising questions email Matt Wootten mwootten@umd.edu or Mike Yoo  jyo22@umd.edu


Family Science will not hold drop-in hours. For any general advising questions email Kendyl Oliver koliver3@umd.edu.



SPH Change of Major process


The School of Public Health Change of Major process will continue during this period of online instruction.


Sign-ups for Change of Major and Academic Plan Workshops should still be made via our appointment manager: https://appointments-sphl.umd.edu/ramonline.  Before your scheduled workshop, you will receive instructions via email from an advisor on how that workshop will be conducted.


Students on academic probation and Student Athletes will still need to meet with either Bryan Pointer or Taylor Sanders as the third step in their major change. You can schedule an appointment with them via TerpEngage: https://terpengage.umd.edu/Login


SPH Career Services Advising 


Career Services appointments with Lauren Meier and Tomi Okanlawon are still available during this time. Students can schedule appointments through Careers4Terps.Career Services appointments with Lauren Meier and Tomi Okanlawon are still available during this time. Students can schedule appointments online through Careers4Terps. Upon confirmation, you will receive directions on how to attend that appointment virtually.


SPH Exceptions to Policy


Exception to Policy requests will still be processed during the period of online instruction.  To submit an exception to policy, please visit: https://sph.umd.edu/content/exception-policy-request-form. For a status update on your pending exception, please email sphlexception@umd.edu.


Please understand this information is subject to change, any changes will be promptly communicated to the student body. We again want to reinforce that checking your Terpmail account regularly is of the utmost importance throughout this period of online instruction.  We appreciate your understanding and flexibility and look forward to continuing to advise and support our students throughout this time.


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