Welcome to the School of Public Health (SPH) Undergraduate Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA). Our purpose is to enhance the academic experience for SPH students and to assist them in achieving their academic, co-curricular, and career goals. Advisors in CASA work with faculty and staff within SPH and across campus to provide accurate and timely information, services, programs, and advising.

The following information is for ALL advising procedures for the Spring 2021 semester.  

During this time, our advising processes are fully online. We will not have advising staff available in person to meet with you.  If you have quick questions and do not want to make a virtual appointment, you can email an advisor. If you are unsure who your advisor is or where to direct your question, you can email CASA at sphadvising@umd.edu.  For additional information related to COVID-19 and campus guidence, view our COVID-19 FAQs.

Drop-in Advising 

Please see our virtual drop-in hours for Spring 2021 here.

Advising Appointments & Mandatory Advising

If you would like to meet with an advisor for mandatory advising or otherwise, your first step is to schedule an advising appointment. 

One on one advising appointments with departmental advisors (Community HealthFamily ScienceKinesiology and Public Health Science) can be made online via our appointment manager: https://appointments-sphl.umd.edu/ramonline

One on one mandatory advising for student-athletes and students on academic probation or dismissal can be made online via TerpEngage: https://terpengage.umd.edu/Login.html


Virtual Change of Major Process 

To sign up for a Change of Major and Academic Plan Workshop, students should go to https://appointments-sphl.umd.edu/ramonline. Students on academic probation and student-athletes will still need to meet with either Bryan Pointer or Taylor Sanders as the third step in their major change. You can schedule an appointment with them via TerpEngage: https://terpengage.umd.edu/Login 


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) law is the legal rights of students. It is the students responsibility to understand these rights. We strongly encourage students tomaintain their personal confidentiality in terms of their education and privacy. However, a student might be waiving their rights if their camera if turned off, someone is in the room, someone can overhear the conversation. Please understand that personal and confidential information might be shared during advising conversations. We strongly encourage you to seek private space to have your advising meeting.



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