About the Center

The Center for Health Behavior Research (CHBR) is located in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, room 1242. The Center contributes to the departmental vision of applying the science, theory and practice of public health towards the enhancement of the population health status. It fosters a team of investigators crossing disciplinary boundaries (genetics, exposure assessment, neuro-cognitive science, drug dependence, health behavior, epidemiology, medicine and pharmacology) to solve complex public health problems.

CHBR - Tobacco Research Group

The smoking behavior laboratory within the CHBR, at the University of Maryland College Park, is a clinical facility designed to address research questions focused on tobacco use.  It is fully staffed with a combination of faculty, faculty research assistants, graduate research assistants, and student research assistants.  The members of the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Department that are affiliated with the center are Dr. Elbert Glover, Department Chair, Research Professors Dr. Pamela Clark and Dr. Debra Bernat, and graduate student, Eva Sharma. Any students who are interested in positions in this research center should contact Dr. Elbert Glover or find more information on their website.

Some of the Current studies the Center is Working On:

“Rapid response human testing of smokeless tobacco products” NIH, NIDA, R01DA031142-01A1 PI: Pamela I. Clark, PhD

“Abuse liability assessment and characterization of an electronic nicotine delivery system”  NIH, R21DA030622 PI: Pamela I. Clark, PhD

 “Standardization of methods to measure waterpipe smoke emissions and exposure” NIH, NCI, RO108-0430 PI: Pamela I. Clark, PhD