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HealthyMe/MiSalud is a research project, and the research team records and analyzes the information people enter in the app and how they use the app. The app records the information in UMD’s private web server.

Our team is different from many search engines, social media companies, and advertising companies that collect user information and sell it to other companies. We commit to keep your information in the app private and secure. We use the information to learn about how people use apps and how to improve the app.

To keep data private and secure, we use a certified HTTPS protocol to:

  • Make sure data are always being sent to and kept in UMD’s private web server.
  • Make sure data are encrypted. This means that data are scrambled when sent between the app and UMD’s server so that other people or companies cannot read the data.
  • For example, the app uses the phrase “fghf3!#dor9xm” when sending a specific piece of information to UMD’s server.
  • The server then uses the phrase “jbmc5656@@0” when sending a specific recommendation to the app.

How We Keep User Data Private and Secure

When the app needs to get information from outside sources, such as myhealthfinder (https://health.gov/myhealthfinder) and USDA’s FoodData Central (https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/), we never send data that can be linked to a specific user.

Although we follow best practices to secure data, we can never guarantee that data are 100% secure.