Want to become part of the Horowitz Center team? You can get involved in several different ways. The Center’s work is supported by student volunteers, interns, and students doing independent studies. Please fill out our Student Interest Survey, which is the first step of our application process. Please email questions to healthliteracy@umd.edu (link sends e-mail).

Ways to Get Involved: 

Student Volunteers: Volunteers are non-SPH students with prior experience or education in communication, journalism, information sciences, or health-related areas such as medical anthropology or sociology and interested in learning more about health literacy. 

Undergraduate Internships: Undergraduate internships are for students in the Community Health, Public Health Science, and Family Science degree programs who have a required internship, or for students in other SPH departments interested in an internship with the Center. Students must take at least one health communications (for example, HLTH371) course before they can apply.

Graduate Internships: Graduate internships are for students in the Master of Public Health or Master of Health Administration degree programs and have a required practicum/internship or for graduate students in another program interested in an internship with the Center. Students are strongly encouraged to take a health communications course (or related) and must take a health literacy course before they can apply.

Graduate Assistantships: Graduate students who work with the Center get involved in quantitative and qualitative research projects that impact community health and health literacy. Center faculty currently focus on family health, oral health, digital technologies, environmental health, and disease prevention/health promotion. Students must take a health communications (or related) course and a health literacy course (with an A or A- grade) before they can apply.

Independent Studies: Graduate students who have taken a health communications (or related) course and a health literacy course (with an A or A- grade) may qualify for an independent study with the Horowitz Center. Please email healthliteracy@umd.edu for more information.

Schools for Smiles: Students who are interested in dentistry and medicine can also volunteer with Schools for Smiles, a student organization that provides oral hygiene lessons in local elementary schools.


We are grateful for our team of interns and research assistants!

Horowitz Center 2019-2020 team, photo taken May 2020.
Graduates: Maris M., Catherine M., Sydni T., Apryl O., Camilla O. (not pictured)

Photo of Horowitz Center Spring 2019 Team

Horowitz Center 2018-2019 team, photo taken May 2019.
Graduates: Heather P., Maria A, Nate W., Gelila H., Leyla M.