The UMD-PRC is developing assessment and training tools for the mental health workforce. As tools are developed and finalized, more will be added to this page.


Sexual and Gender Diversity Learning Community (SGDLC) Training

Expected Products from the SGDLC Workshop

  • SGDLC Workshop Facilitator's Guide
  • SGDLC Workshop Participant's Guide
  • SGDLC Workshop Appendix
    • Powerpoint slides
    • Activities
    • Handouts

Expected Products from the SGDLC Technical Assistance Sessions

  • Technical Assistance Manual

Expected Products from the SGDLC Clinical Consultations

  • Clinical Consultations Manual

SGDLC Tools in Development

  • Online simulated client assessment
  • Online provider self-assessment
  • Online client assessment of the provider
  • Online organizational assessment tool
  • Training fidelity and satisfaction measures

Other Products and Tools

Stay tuned for more products and tools related to other UMD-PRC projects.