Faculty Leadership: 
Community Partners: 
Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center, Prince Geoge's County School system

Project Goals:

The mission of the Healthy Futures program is to reduce childhood obesity, particularly among low-income young children and their families in Prince George's County. HFP aims to increase the receipt of prenatal and postpartum healthcare, as well as social services, among low-income women and their young children through partnerships and collaborations with public and private entities.

Service: The Healthy Futures/Judy Hoyer Health Field Office helps individuals in the Capitol Heights and the Hyattsville-Langley Park-Adelphi areas of Prince George's County  obtain services such as Food Stamps/SNAP, medical assistance, family planning, and dental and vision services.

Student training opportunities: Students can receive academic credit or volunteer to serve as Healthy Futures interns, and are trained to recruit families to utilize health programs and other services available to them.