At the University of Maryland School of Public Health, we are driven by a passion to break down the barriers that keep individuals, families, communities and populations from attaining optimum health and wellness. We are committed to finding new and better ways to promote health, prevent disease and prolong active, high-quality lives.

There are so many issues that impact health -- including obesity, climate change, substance abuse, violence, aging and poverty.

And while these are all complex issues, we Terps love a challenge. Our School of Public Health, located at one of the nation’s leading public research universities, offers an unusual breadth of expertise to explore these issues through public health disciplines, and lenses as varied as engineering, arts and humanities, business and public policy.

Built on a foundation of disciplines that originated over 150 years ago with the formation of the University of Maryland, the School of Public Health was founded in 2007 and is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health. We are the only accredited school of public health at a public university in the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia region, offering an affordable education with outstanding professional development opportunities.