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Bringing Poetry Down to Earth (BPDE) 

The BPDE mission is to provide a hybridized (both creating and presenting) poetry group to students within the School of Public Health. Our down to earth atmosphere allows students to share their passions and interests in an educational environment that embraces diverse poetry styles. 

We aspire to collaborate and educate our fellow students to become better Public Health Professionals through understanding alternative styles of self-expression and communication.  Through this vision, we strive towards the betterment ourselves and our local community through education, skill development, and service. 

Come and join us to read your favorite poems or just listen and enjoy the vibes. Readers and writers of all skills levels are welcome!  

Upcoming Events:

Open Mic Sessions:

Open Mic sessions are considered our “general body” meetings. Open Mic sessions are held weekly. Students are welcome to bring and read their pieces or just listen in. Snacks will be provided.

Poetry Writing 101 Workshop:

What to write poetry but don’t know where to begin? Start here to learn to be basics of poetry writing and developing your own creative writing style. 

Read, Discuss, Collaborate Sessions:

Working on a piece but what help or feedback? Or, perhaps would you like to start a new piece and collaborate with others. Either way Read, Discuss, Collaborate sessions allows students to join forces and create or develop something thing amazing! 

Poets in the Community:

Throughout the year we look for opportunities to serve our local community through various services projects. Stay tuned for our next project coming up this summer. 

Eligibility/Membership Requirements: 

All backgrounds and skill levels are more than welcome to join us. All that we ask is that you bring respect and an open mind.

Tolerance and Acceptance Clause:

 We would like to give everyone the opportunity to address controversial and difficult concepts; however, disrespect, hate or insults will not be tolerated. We expect everyone involved to maintain a balance of respecting others and freedom of speech. We will hold all BPDE members accountable to the highest level of respect and integrity held by the University of Maryland.
For more information, contact:
BPDE executive board members can be reached via email at