The Legacy Leadership program is divided into two segments: the classroom segment in the fall which prepares Legacy Leaders for the second segment, the placement in a legislative office during the 90-day Maryland General Assembly.

Classroom Segment

Legacy Leaders will attend sessions covering seven interrelated units to prepare Leaders for their placement. The units include:

  1. History of the State of Maryland
  2. Branches of Government
  3. The Legislative Process
  4. Legislative and Senate Committees
  5. Budgets and Finance
  6. Public Policy
  7. County and Municipal Government.

Sessions are conducted by University of Maryland faculty and invited affiliated faculty from the government such as the President of the Maryland Senate, delegates and senators, secretaries of departments, mayors, county council representatives, legislative aides, and staff experts.

Schedule:  Classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday for 12 weeks from September 8, 2020 to November 24, 2020. Classes are held from 9 AM until 3 PM with a one hour lunch break. 

Placement Segment

Legacy Leaders will work with bills, at least collecting, filing, and tracking them. The exact tasks a Legacy Leader will be asked to complete depends on the nature of the Leader’s placement. The single most important difference in placements depends on the specific needs and character of the legislator’s office. Other important factors that characterize different placements are the legislator’s committee assignments, legislative interests, the nature of the district and constituents served in the office, and the legislator’s role in the Assembly.

Typical Tasks of a Legacy Leader:

  • Answering phones
  • Summarizing bills
  • Attending hearings and other meetings
  • Responding to constituents concerns
  • Maintaining legislator’s schedule
  • Organizing the support for a bill hearing
  • Testifying before a committee on a bill


Legacy Leaders will two days a week for eight hours a day (typically from 9 AM to 5 PM) during the 90-day Maryland General Assembly session from January to early April. The exact days and times Leaders will work is determined by the placement office.

Getting Placed

The director of the Legacy Leadership program will place Legacy Leaders prior to the opening of the Maryland legislative session with government officials who serve as on-site mentors during the 90 day legislative session. The director will match Legacy Leaders with government officials who request Legacy Leaders.

Application Process

Applications for the 2020-2021 class will be accepted after June 15, 2020. Please complete the application online. After your application is received, an interview with the Wesley Queen, the director, will be scheduled. You may contact Wesley Queen at with questions.

Legacy Leaders may have the following responsibilities:

  • Research: gathering, maintaining, analyzing, and reporting information and legislation; tracking bills; and evaluating programs
  • Information Technology: using libraries; applying computer technology; and accessing internet resources
  • Writing: composing correspondence; legislative briefs; bills; amendments; testimonies; synopses; and newsletters
  • Community Relations: contacting witnesses; handling constituent problems; and attending hearings and meetings
  • Office Administration: scheduling; mailing; filing; and telephone communications