Note that this exception to policy request system is only for current SPH majors and is only for review of exceptions to university policies.  If you are requesting an exception to departemental policy (examples: permission for specific courses, exceptions for pre-requisite courses, course subsititions, etc.), you must contact your department to make this request.  If you do not see the exception request you want in the drop down menu, it is most likely an exception that needs to be reviewed by your department.  If you are unsure where to submit your request, you can email to ask.  

Directions: Once your request is received, it is within a secure server; however, this initial submission is not secure. Therefore, if the nature of your request requires inclusion or discussion of very sensitive or confidential information, complete this form with bare essentials, indicate you have additional information, and bring that additional material to the SPH Center for Academic Success and Achievement in SPH 0222 or if comfortable, email it to Your request is not submitted until you receive a screen telling you it has been sent. You will also receive email confirmation that your request has been successfully submitted.

Please allow 10 business days for your exception request to be reviewed and to receive a response.  If it has been more than 10 business days, you may check on your request by contacting

Student Acknowledgement: I understand that in striving for equitable treatment of all students, the School of Public Health strictly adheres to University policies regarding registration and schedule adjustment. I have read the relevant policy in the Undergraduate Catalog and/or the deadline date for registration/adjustment transactions given in the Schedule of Classes. I understand that exceptions to these policies and deadlines are granted by the School only under extreme and unusual circumstances. I also understand that if any of the information provided is false, academic dishonesty procedures can be lodged against me.  By submitting a request, I am acknowledging that such requests are for truly unusual and/or mitigating circumstances, are not without limit, and are not remedies for errors in judgment.

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