Public Health Science Courses


Course Title

Course ID

Donna Howard

Introduction to Public and Community Health


Barbara Curbow

Introduction to Health Behavior


Dina Borzekowski

Biostatistics for Public Health Practice

HLTH300 or EPIB300

Debra Bernat

Epidemiology for Public Health Practice

HLTH301 or EPIB301

Devon Payne-Sturges

Introduction to Environmental Health

MIEH300 or SPHL498N

Gretchen De Silva

Introduction to Global Health

MIEH400 or SPHL400

Marc Rogers

Physiology of Exercise


Karoline Mortensen

Introduction to Health Policy and Services

HLSA300 or SPHL498P

Eric Boyle

History of Public Health


Marilyn London

Public Health Emergency Preparedness



Social, Political, and Ethical Issues in Public Health


Gretchen De Silva

Essentials of Public Health Biology:   The Cell, The Individual, & Disease


Options Courses


Course Title

Course ID

Kenneth Beck

Communicating Safety and Health

HLTH 371

Robin Sawyer

Human Sexuality

HLTH 377

Mary Garza

Minority Health

HLTH 460

Edmond Shenassa

Maternal, Child, and Family Health

FMSC 410

Christine Schull

Violence in Families

FMSC 460

Paul Turner,

Amir Sapkota,

Amy Sapkota,

Donald Milton,

Robin Puett,

Sacoby Wilson,

Michael Grantham

Environmental Health Research (Must select a faculty member) 

MIEH 309

Michael Grantham

From Syphilis to SARS

MIEH 321

Ana Palla-Kane

Adapted Physical Activity

KNES 334

J. Carson Smith

Psychology of Sport

KNES 350

Shannon Jette

The Foundations of Public Health in Kinesiology

KNES 400

Marc Rogers

Physiology of Aging and the Impact of Physical Activity 

KNES 460

Ben Hurley

Exercise and Body Composition

KNES 461