Rita Colwell

Keynote Address (9:15 AM)

Climate, Infectious Disease and Human Health in an Era of Climate Change  ​
Rita Colwell, PhD, Distinguished University Professor

Rita Colwell is a Distinguished University Professor at both the University of Maryland at College Park and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, US State Department Science Envoy to South Asia, and Recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize and US National Medal of Science. She was the 11th Director of the National Science Foundation, and is senior advisor and chairman emeritus of Canon US Life Sciences, Inc., and president and CEO of CosmosID, Inc. Her research interests focus on global infectious diseases, water, and health. She is currently developing an international network to address climate change and infectious diseases and water issues, including safe drinking water for both the developed and developing world. Other interests include increased participation of women and minorities in science and engineering.


Keynote Address (2:15 PM)

Dr. Georges C. Benjamin, MDBecoming the Healthiest Nation: A Public Health Approach
Georges C. Benjamin MD, Executive Director, American Public Health Association

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, an internist and emergency physician, has served as the Executive Director of APHA since December 2002. Immediately prior to that time, he served as Maryland’s Secretary of Health during which he oversaw the expansion and improvement of the state’s Medicaid program. He will reflect upon our nation’s changing health and health care needs and opportunities.  He also will recognize 2015 as the 20th anniversary of National Public Health Week (always celebrated during the first full week in April), and the reason we have scheduled our annual Public Health Research@ Maryland event at this time each year.