Public Health Grand Rounds 

The Public Health Grand Rounds lecture series, launched in 2011, hosts distinguished public health leaders to speak on current topics and trends in public health research and practice. We invite community members and public health practitioners to join University of Maryland students, faculty and staff for these dynamic and educational talks. Read more about the series and view videos of past speakers.

As of 2019, this lecture series is called "Public Health in Action."

Department of Family Science

Clinical Professional Development Series: A series of talks offered through the Couple and Family Therapy program each academic year. Attendees include current students and faculty along with area clinicians and graduates of the clinical program who utilize the lecture series for in-service training and continuing education.

Families and Health Speaker Series: The F&H Speaker Series has the clear goal of supporting and engaging intellectual climate in the Department of Family Science.

Department of Health Policy and Management 

Monthly Seminar Series: Meet researchers and practitioners in the field of health policy, health equity and healthcare management. Attendees include HPM faculty and graduate students and are open to everyone.

Department of Kinesiology

Joan S. Hult Women’s History Month Lecture

The annual women’s history month lecture series is named for Joan S. Hult, Ph.D., Professor Emerita in the Department of Kinesiology. Dr. Hult is one of the foremost sport historians on American women in athletics and was influential in the implementation of Title IX legislation. Past speakers and topics include: 

  • Dr. Ellen Staurowsky, Professor of Sport Management at Drexel University in Philadelphia, "Women's Work in the 21st Century Collegiate Athletic Department: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same." 
  • Dr. Rebecca Jordan-Young, Chair of Women's, Gender, and Sexual Studies at Columbia University's Barnard College, "Racing with Testosterone: What's at Stake in the Controversy over T levels in Women Athletes."
  • Ms. Brenda Frese, University of Maryland women's basketball head coach 
  • Dr. Patricia Vertinsky, professor and distinguished university scholar at the University of British Columbia, “Female Sport and the Legacy of the Eternally Wounded Woman;”
  • Dr. Jan Todd, University of Texas, "The Muscle Problem: Myths about Women, Strength, and Sports;"
  • Dr. Griffin, University of Massachusetts, "New Rules for the Old Ball Game: Challenging Homophobia in Women's Sports."

Burris F. Husman Lecture Series:

The Husman Lecture honors Dr. Burris F. Husman (d 2008), who arrived at the University of Maryland’s Department of Physical Education in 1949 and remained there for over 30 years, nine of them as chairperson or acting chairperson of the department. He also served as a professor, instructor and coach. Past speakers and topics include:

  • Dr. Russell Pate, Department of Exercise Science in the Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, “Physical Activity – High Time to Make the Public Health Investment.”
  • Dr. Rodney K. Dishman, University of Georgia, "Exercise Behavior from Culture to Genes."
  • Dr. John Nauright, George Mason University, “We're Making the World Safe for Capitalism: Thoughts on Sport, ‘Development’ and Neo-Imperialism”
  • Dr. Alan I. Faden, M.D., professor of anesthesiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of their Center for Shock, Trauma and Anesthesiology Research (STAR) & National Study Center for Shock and EMS : Heads Up: Revising Concepts of Brain Trauma and Sport-Related Head Injury."
  • Dr. Wendy M. Kohrt of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center: "Physical Activity and Bone Health: Evidence-based Medicine and Science-based Theory."
  • Dr. Mary Tinetti, Yale School of Medicine, “Falls in Older Adults: From Prediction and Prevention to Practice and Policy;”  
  • Dr. William H. Dietz, CDC, "A Multidimensional and Multicultural Overview of Obesity"

Black History Month Lecture:

Past speakers and topics include:

  • Dr. Jamie Williams, Director of Student-Athlete Engagement and Professional Development, University of Maryland, "Black History Through Sport: A Discussion"
  • Reginald Scott, Head Athletic Trainer, St. Louis Rams, “Developing your Career: If Passion is the Engine, What is the Key?”
  • Black History Month Panel: "Do Black and Brown Lives Matter?"
  • Mr. Clifton Brown, journalist, “Being a Black Sportswriter is More than a Game”
  • Dr. Angela P. Cole, Howard University, "Explaining Race Differences in Onlookers' Reactions to the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath”
  • Kevin Blackistone, Journalist, "Did You Hear the News? Two Black Coaches Made the Super Bowl!"

Center for Health Equity

Collegium of Scholars

The Collegium of Scholars (COS) is a monthly forum which engages scholars in the exchange of meaningful discussions regarding the complexities and impact of race, racism, ethnicity, gender, class, and discrimination on health and wellness. Past speakers and topics include:

  • Dr. Mia Smith Bynum, associate professor, Department of Family Science, “Family Conversations about Race and Racial Identity in African American Youth;”
  • Dr. Ruth Zambrana, professor, Department of Women's Studies, director, Consortium on Race, Gender, and Ethnicity, “U.S. Latino Population Health: ‘New’ Thinking to Inform Public Health Research;”
  • Dr. Shannon Jette, assistant professor, department of kinesiology, “Urban American Indian Female Youths' Constructions and Lived Experiences of Health, the Body, and Exercise.”