With spring in full swing on campus, our calendars are full with new collaborations and engaging events, including Public Health Research @ Maryland on April 5.

We were honored to host Camara Jones, president of the American Public Health Association, this month, as part of the university’s Maryland Dialogues for Diversity & Community series. Presenting to a standing-room-only crowd during her visit to the UMD School of Public Health, Dr. Jones delivered a powerful talk on health equity and racism.

By using allegories to illustrate racism, Dr. Jones was able to engage the audience in how discrimination affects individual and community health. Dr. Jones also presented strategies for eliminating racism on campus and in the workplace—a tough subject to broach. Her speech reflects the commitment of our school to advancing health equity through our research, academic programs, and community partnerships.

The School of Public Health is addressing another important national issue as we launch a new USDA Center of Excellence dedicated to finding alternative sources of water to grow food that is safe to eat. As a result of a $10 million grant received from the United States Department of Agriculture, our school will lead the “CONSERVE” Center of Excellence for Sustainable Water Reuse, Food, and Health. We congratulate Amy R. Sapkota, associate professor in the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health, and her CONSERVE team on the center’s launch, which will help address water needs in the face of drought and climate change.

Finally, we hope to see you at our fourth annual Public Health Research @ Maryland on April 5! Centered on the theme From Community Engagement to Population Health, the day-long event includes a diverse series of presentations and highlights opportunities for improvements in population health. More than 100 researchers will present research posters on public health issues, representing collaboration across fields, University of Maryland campuses, and outside institutions. 

Wishing you a happily-busy spring!


Jane E. Clark, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean