Public Health Through Civic Engagement (PHACE) 

Our mission is to facilitate the translation of public health science into policy and change through meaningful stakeholder partnerships and effective civic engagement. We provide a platform for students to discover their passion and engage with the campus and their communities, inclusive of faculty and staff engagement.

PHACE focuses on four foundational pillars:

  • Innovation: creating new and exciting ways for students and the local community to get involved with civic engagement. 
  • Community Service &Collaboration: volunteering in the community through partnerships with other organizations.
  • Education: keeping the student body informed and educated on current events and the latest concerns in public health. 
  • Leadership: facilitating opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, professional networking, career development, research, and internships. 

Past Events:

PHACE General Body Meeting Graphic                     PHACE Immigration Migration & Refugees Event

Upcoming Events:

General Body Meetings (GBMs): 

Students are welcome to join us to discuss current concerns such as Women's Health and Politics, Opioid Addiction, and Gun Violence 

Leadership Forum:

Date: September 20, 2019

Time: 1:00 pm - 3: 00 pm 

Voters Registration: 

These events include information sessions about the voter registration process and running candidates. PHACE is a completely bipartisan organization. We operate through a partnership with Terp Votes.