86% of the SPH Class of 2015 reported having post-graduation plans – either continuing their education with an advanced degree, working full or part time, participating in a service program, serving in the military or starting their own business. 

Find out where graduates from each of our majors are heading after graduation: Behavioral & Community Health; Family Science; Kinesiology; and Public Health Science


Thomas Hibbs  -- Family Science graduate -- Class of 2015

Next adventure: Teach for America - Eastern North Carolina Region

"My favorite memory at the School of Public Health was when I had my first Family Science course. Everything felt right- the building, the class, the people- I knew I had made the right choice for my major!"












Christine Thinn  -- Public Health Science graduate -- Class of 2015

Next adventure: Earn a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Practice and Policy at UMD 

"It's a wonderful feeling when you and your friends have the same goals in life. The Public Health Science program provided us with the opportunity to bond over this and also to create lasting memories through community service, student organizations, and any public health issues we tackled."






Erinn Gales -- Family Science graduate  -- Class of 2015

Next adventure: Earning a Master's degree in Nonprofit leadership and management at the Notre Dame University of Maryland

"My favorite memory at the School of Public Health was being involved in The Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic. It was a wonderful opportunity to see how important service to the community is to the School of Public Health."



Jacqueline Tape  -- Kinesiology graduate -- Class of 2015

Next adventure: KIPP Central City Academy in New Orleans, LA

"I loved all of my classes, but Dr. Andrews' Globalization of Sport was the best class I took in SPH!"









Shannon Gaskins  -- Community Health graduate -- Class of 2015

Next Adventure: Annapolis Dermatology Associates

 "Switching my major to Community Health was one of the best decisions I made in college! The courses and professors were all so amazing. The School of Public Health is one of the reasons why saying goodbye to UMD is so hard." 




Shahnaz Uddin  -- Family Science graduate -- Class of 2015

Next Adventure:Kaiser Permanente

"I loved being a part of a major that taught me more than how to build a career...this major has taught me how to be a better person for my family, friends and community!" 








Dominique Smith -- Public Health Science graduate -- Class of 2014

Next Adventure: Development & Data Coordinator/Health Navigator at Heart to Hand, Inc.

"I encourage students to be self-motivated, willing to go the extra mile to achieve their goals, and leave nothing on the table especially when it comes to financial aid. Although there are a number of great programs, campus groups, and mentors who can positively shape your career trajectory in the school and university as a whole, always keep your eye peeled for opportunities outside of traditional avenues. For instance, I came to my organization seeking an internship placement as part of the Social Innovation Scholars program housed within the school of Arts and Humanities. I later found that my organization had hosted numerous public health students and had a working relationship with the Prevention Research Center on campus."




Alexandra Bitonti -- Family Science graduate -- Class of 2012

Next adventure: Program Specialist at USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore

“ A lot of my experiences as a Family Science undergraduate paved the way for the opportunities I had post-undergraduate and at my current job. Growing up in a military family, I always had a deep appreciation for those who serve our country.After taking the course titled "War and Families", I realized working with service members and military families was the personal focus I wanted for my Family Science degree. And I have made that a reality through internships and jobs at the National Naval Medical Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and now at USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore. “





Emily Whittie -- Kinesiology graduate -- Class of 2015 

Next Adventure: Earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree at Arcadia University

"One of my favorite memories of my time at the School of Public Health was getting to meet all of my friends - including my current roommate, who will also be my roommate in PT school! I have also enjoyed serving in leadership positions within SPH and getting to know several of the faculty members."