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September 2016 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Capitol Hill Forum Urges Action for Health Equity
  • Use it or Lose it:  Exercise's Benefits to Brain Diminish After 10 Day Rest  
  • Using Science for Justice: Sacoby Wilson's Research Recognized by UMD's Council on the Environment 
  • Couple and Family Therapy Master’s Program Ranked #4 in the Nation
  • New Faculty Appointments, 2016-2017

June 2016 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Center for Health Equity Partners in One Stop Health Center
  • Summer Reads Recommended by SPH Faculty 
  • How Black Mothers Guide Teens to Cope with Racial Discrimination 
  • "Obamacare" Coverage for Young Adults Eases Burden of Mental Health Costs
  • SPH Kicks Off Alumni Networking Events

May 2016 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Maryland Climate and Health Report
  • Prescribing Nature-Based Activity to People with Mental Illness
  • Extreme Weather Linked to More Severe Asthma
  • Big Data for Patients (BD4P) Collaboration Brings Patient Perspectives to Health Data Projects
  • Documenting 100 Years of Women Veterans' Experiences of War

March 2016 (view archive)

Features included:

  • SPH Receives $10M to Lead USDA Center of Excellence
  • Camara Jones, APHA President, Speaks at UMD School of Public Health
  • WHO Agency Report Links Dietary Fungal Toxins to Poor Child Growth
  • Study Provides Insight on Adolescent African American Males' Views of Healthy Dating
  • Sara Olsen (MPH '17): Student Profile

February 2016 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Q & A: Where do Presidential Candidates Stand on Healthcare?
  • Keeping Marylanders Safe from Fracking: Lessons from the Marcellus Shale Public Health Study
  • Smoking Pot in College Could Have Longterm Negative Effects on Health
  • New Evidence that Regular Exercise Improves Blood Cholesterol, Reduces Cardiovascular Disease Risk
  • Affordable Care Act Has Reduced Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Fall 2015 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Improving Health in Veterans with PTSD: The Warrior Canine Connection
  • Developing Methods to Quickly Identify Influenza Threats
  • Could Climate Change Increase Your Risk of Foodborne Illness?
  • Video: Is Racism Making You Sick? David Chae's TEDx Talk on Racial Disparities in Health

Spring 2015 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Maryland Intervention Shows Promise for Reducing Unnecessary ER Visits
  • Google Searches for "N-word" Associated with Black Mortality
  • Public Health Research@ Maryland Day Showcased the Changing Climate and Health
  • SPH Receives Three of Eight President's Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues Awards

Winter 2015 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Understanding the Measles Outbreak
  • Money Matters More than Marital Status in How Parents Raise Kids
  • The Changing Climate and Health: Third Annual Public Health Research@Maryland Day
  • SPH to Play Lead Role in New UMD Center for Sports Medicine, Health, and Human Performance

Student and faculty profiles, and more!

Fall 2014 (view archive)

Features included:

  • Photo Feature: The Big Ten Things to Know About the School of Public Health
  • Video Features
    • Global Handwashing Day
    • Two Days, 1.5. M in Free Dental Care
  • Hot Topics included
    • Supporting Student Veteran Success
    • Fracking Report Informs Md. Policy Decisions
    • Preventing Cancer through Barbershops;
    • UMD SPH at APHA 2014; and more...

Fall 2013 (view archive)

  • Featured Research: Exercise May be the Best Medicine for Alzheimer's
  • Featured Videos:
    • CREATE for Change: Raising HIV awareness through arts and creative expression
    • Why Race Matters in Eliminating Health Disparites: Dr. Stephen B. Thomas
  • New and Notable
    • Building Trust Between Minorities and Researchers
    • Increasing Minority Representation in STEM
    • Helping Underserved Families Create Health Futures
    • Promoting Health Literacy in Schools
    • Air Pollution's Impact on Heart Disease Risk
    • and more!

Spring 2013

University of Maryland School of Public Health News, December 2011View newsletter online

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Highlights include:

Public Health Practice

Research News

Teaching and Learning Initiatives

News from SPH Research Centers


Winter 2011

University of Maryland School of Public Health News, December 2011View newsletter online

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Top Stories:

Highlights of research impact including: