Students Transitioning into Effective Professionals (STEP)

The STEP Program is a professional training program designed to help students gain practical knowledge and develop essential skills to succeed in the "world of work".  Through a series of workforce training workshops, students will enhance their competencies in communication, leadership, and teamwork in a professional environment. This semester-long experience ends with students developing with their own individualized strategic plan for workforce development (Note: the capstone project is during the months of January and June). The STEP program allows students to embrace a supportive community and develop a professional network while in an active and engaging learning environment. Although the STEP program is open to all students in the School of Public Health, special consideration is given to under-served minority, first-semester (transfer or freshman), and/or first-generation college students.

Upon completion of the STEP program students are recognized as trained professionals by the School of Public Health via a completion certificate. Students are also eligibale to recieve a letter of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can be generated in support of scholarships, employment opportunities, internships, graduate school, greek life, volunteer opportunities and more.

Award Types Requirements
Certificate of Completion 80% - 89% Program Completion
Certificate of Excellence 90% < Program Completion
Certificate of Scholarship Completion of the Double STEP Track


WATCH the STEP Program featured on "FB Live with Dean Lushniak and Kelly Sherman '21"


Workforce Training Sessions will be held bi-weekly, in a virtual format for Fall 2020.

Fall 2020 Workshop Series (tentative) Date & Time
Session 1: Networking in a Digital Space Sept. 2nd, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Session 2: Career Development (UCC) Sept. 9th, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Session 3: Personal Work Style & Leadership  Sept. 30th, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Session 4: Undergraduate Teaching Assistance (UTEAM) Oct.14th, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Session 5: The Unwritten Rules of the Professional Work Place Oct. 28th, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Session 6: Diversity & Inclusion Explained Nov. 11th, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Session 7: Mental Health & Self Care as a Professional Nov. 18nd, 3:30pm - 4:30pm


94% of the students who completed the STEP program rated their experience as Fantastic or Really Good!

Applications for Fall 2020 are now open.  Apply HERE!
**Please Note: Participants must be a current undergraduate student within the School of Public Health in order to participate.**

Student Feedback

We asked STEP graduates a few question about the STEP program. Here's what they had to say:

Question 1: Would you recommend STEP to a friend?

  • Absolutely. STEP is engaging, yet fairly low-commitment, allowing me to easily balance schoolwork.
  • It was very informative and such a fun environment to be in!
  • Yes, because you're gaining invaluable skills that you can use long term and meeting amazing people as well
  • Yes, I would recommend STEP to a friend because if definitely will help with getting a job.
  • I would definitely recommend STEP to a friend because of its unique ability to make a seemingly difficult, treacherous journey into the professional workplace feel safer and more achievable. Despite my heavy course load this semester, I found it easy to weave in the STEP program because it was simply 3 hours out of my month to help me in the long run with professional skills and development. The program takes a unique approach to the professional workplace and interwinds active learning to make the tasks seem less daunting. I definitely think it helped prepare me in terms of lifting my confidence and providing me with further skill sets necessary for my future career.
  • Yes because it's not a huge time commitment, you learn new tools to help you navigate towards your career path, and you get to meet great people.
  • Yes, because it helps students transition from college to professionalism by educating them on certain key points such as unspoken rules, individualism, diversity, and more.

Question 2: Did the STEP program meet your expectations?

  • I originally perceived STEP to be a program where I'd gain insight into professional fields, allowing me to see myself in the future as a professional; and that's exactly what STEP has showed me.
  • Yes! At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy this program but once I started coming to the workshops and meeting new friends it made me look forward to the sessions. I also liked how it forced me to get out of my comfort zone while also learning skills that I can not only use in the work place and during my academic career as well.
  • Yes, I thought it would just be about the job search after college, but there was so much more information on how to adjust to the professional world.
  • The STEP Program provided me with so much more than I had initially expected. I never thought I would have gotten to know so many more people at such an intimate level through the workshops. The program allowed me to simultaneously build professional skills and interpersonal skills!

Question 3: What did you learn while in the STEP program?

  • I learned that rather than trying to change myself to fit a stereotypical leader, as I have learned my leadership style. Now, I can nurture that natural leader in me and be the best leader with the skills I already have.
  • One thing I learned in STEP this semester is the power of voice. I learned that there is no such thing as a wrong or bad answer, and by answering questions in class and raising my opinion, I found it easier to spark conversation and be able to engage in different perspectives with my peers.
  • Preparation in college for the workforce is necessary.
  • The importance of diversity in the workplace and the unwritten social rules in a professional environment. These two things were particularly useful to learn about.
  • It gave me more knowledge and the skills to obtain my dream career, such as networking, learning your strengths

The STEP Capstone Project

The STEP Capstone Project is a personalized project that includes a mixture of applications and professional skill-building. The project requires at least 16-hours of professional engagement. Its an opportunity for you to spend your break investing in yourself be acknowledged for it! Students who complete the Capstone Project are permitted to receive a Letter of Recommendation for their future endeavors. Letters can be drafted to support: scholarships, Graduate School admissions, 4+1 Master Programs, Greek Life, and more!

In order to complete the STEP Capstone Project students must be admitted it the STEP cohort. The capstone project is an optional activity conducted during the academic break (winter or summer). For more information please email

Double Step - Peer Mentors

Double Steppers are Peer Mentors within the STEP Program. These students have completed the STEP curriculum and received a Certificate of Excellence for this hard work and dedication to the program. Double Steppers receive a Certificate of Scholarship after a one-semester of commitment and are eligible to receive a Letter of Recommendation from the STEP program for scholarships, Graduate School admissions, 4+1 Master Programs, Greek Life, and more!

Double Steppers follow a monthly workshop schedule of advanced professional training, while also leading activities and giving presentations during the STEP workshops. Being a Double Stepper is a one-semester commitment with the option to renew and continue each semester.


Alanna Lejarde Headshot Alanna Lejarde '21
Major: Kinesiology (KNES)


Aylisha Adams Headshot Aylisha Adams '22
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)


Ariel Koff Headshot

Ariel Koff '22
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)
Mansi Gosalia '21
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)
Samah Ahmed  '22
Major: Behavioral and Community Health ( BCH)

STEP Alumni


Apryl Ogallo Headshot

Apryl Ogallo '20
Major: Behavior and Community Health (BCH)


Sara Fernandez Headshot Sara Fernandez '22
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)



Kirell Victoria Williams Headshot

Kirell Victoria Williams '20
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)



Anuli Okeke Headshot Anuli Okeke '20
Major: Behavior and Community Health (BCH)


Shara Belton Headshot Shara Belton '21
Major: Kinesiology & Exercise Science


Kathryn O'Reilly Headshot Kathryn (Katie) O'Reilly '21
Major: Kinesiology: Pre-PT/Pre-Nursing Path


Haya Saad Headshot Haya Saad '22
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)


Khizar Yahya Headshot Khizar Yahya '22
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)


Shara Miller Headshot Shara Miller '22
Major: Family Scienece (FMSC) & Psychology


Siann Omorogieva Headshot Siann Omorogieva '23
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)


Seblewongel Abraham Gorfu Headshot Seblewongel Abraham Gorfu '20
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)


Elizabeth Ruiz Headshot Elizabeth Ruiz '21
Major: Behavior and Community Health (BCH)


Wilhelmina Samba Headshot


Wilhelmina Samba '21
Major: Public Health Science (PHSC)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a student receive credit for participation in the program? STEP is an extra ciricular program, but if a student is a Double Stepper they may receive 1-credit for their participation in the program through registering for SPHL 333.
  • Is there a fee required to participate? No, this program is completely free. 
  • Is there a dress code for the workshops? We exercise a “come as you are” policy. Whether suite, tie or gym clothes all are welcome. 
  • What if I cannot participate in the workshop sessions? Depending on the circumstances, students may be permitted to participate in the S.T.E.P. virtual experience, allowing them to rewatch the recordings from the in-person sessions. However, if a student cannot commit to rewatching the videos and doing the assignments, they can participate in the program for the following cohort.
  • How does the two-day shadowing opportunity work?  ​During the academic break, students can participate in a two-day shadowing opportunity. The first day students are a “fly on the wall” and observe their host employer in their work environment. The second day students can take smaller tasks and projects by their host employer (when possible). The STEP Program has an Employer Database, to which students can contact to schedule their  shadowing experience.  
  • What qualifications do I need to be admitted into the program? To be a current student within one of the four undergraduate SPH majors i.e. Kinesiology, Family Science, Behavioral and Community Health, and Public Health Science.  
  • What happens if I have to miss a session? The same way you would let your employer know you are not coming into work, please notify the S.T.E.P.  Team via email at ​​ of your absence​. ​Advance notice is preferred.
  • Can I meet with someone from the STEPoutside of scheduled events and workshops? Yes, you can schedule and appointment with us. Simply send an email to​ ​with your request and who you would like to meet with. 
  • Do I have to be in a specific major to participate in this program?  Kind of but not exactly, this program is open to all undergraduate students in the School of Public Health


Staff Members


Tia M. Cunningham Headshot

Tia M. Cunningham
Program Manager, Student Engagement and STEP Program
Email: I Phone: (301) 405-4397

M. Dee Strum Headshot

M. Dee Strum, '74 & '78
Sr. Faculty Specialist, STEP Program
Email: I Phone: (301) 405-4397

Brian Glickman '21
Graduate Assistant, Higher Education Masters Program