Neha Bhende, Kinesiology, Class of 2017 

Pivot Physical Therapy- Physical Therapy Intern

“This internship with Pivot allowed me to actually engage and work with patients. The environment is very laid back. Directly working in this field has made me realize that I truly love this career path and can’t wait to work in the field every day.”





Grace Folderauer, Kinesiology, Class of 2017

Pivot Physical Therapy – Intern

“My favorite aspect about this specific internship is that I get to be really hands on with all the patients. The two physical therapists I am interning with believe that the best way to learn is by doing; therefore they let me do everything I am physically and legally able to do as an intern. I have already gained so much knowledge about equipment, exercises, and even communication because of the physical therapists at the clinic.”



Jessica Overman, Public Health Science, Class of 2016

Adventist HealthCare Behavioral Health & Wellness Services - Intern, Communications

“As an intern in the communications department I learned how to write and speak on a professional level. My favorite aspect of this internship was learning how to tailor communication material, for example a poster or newsletter, to fit the audience while still getting the message across. It was great applying what I have learned in my classes to real world experience. “