All Master of Public Health degree students are required to complete either a field-based project (HLTH 786 MPH Project, 3 credits) or a thesis (HLTH 799, 6 credits, only an option for students who entered program prior to Fall 2018). The MPH project option provides for one 3-credit-hour elective during the program. The thesis option replaces HLTH 786 and the elective with 6 credit hours of HLTH 799.

You must work with your advisor EARLY during the final year (or earlier) of the program to select a topic, and anticipate choosing other faculty members to be part of your committee. Your project/thesis proposal is due by April 1st for December graduation and by November 1st for May graduation.

The student may register for all credits of the thesis during the semester in which it is to be finished, or register for portions of the total credit hours in each semester while working on it. An incomplete is submitted for any HLTH 799 credit(s) taken until the thesis is completed. Students enroll for the MPH Project (HLTH 786) or Thesis Research Credits (HLTH 799) under the section number of their faculty advisor.

If students are using any University resource, they must be registered for at least one credit. Thus, for example, if the student has been given an "I" for the project, and plans to complete the project and graduate the following semester, that will require being registered for at least one credit of independent study (HLTH 688) in the graduating semester.

For detailed information about the MPH Project/Thesis (for students entering the MPH program prior to Fall 2018), refer to the MPH Project/Thesis Guidelines. For thesis candidates, there is an option for students to submit a manuscript ready version. Please refer to the Manuscript Thesis Guidelines.

For student who entered the MPH program in Fall 2018 and later, please use the following MPH Capstone Guidelines.