We have organized resources on this website using the five domains identified by the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Tool for Assessing Cultural Competency Training (TACCT). The TACCT can be used to help schools and other institutions identify gaps and redundancies in their curricula. The five domains are:

I.      Rationale, Context, and Definition
II.     Key Aspects of Cultural Competence
III.    Understanding the Impact of Stereotyping on Medical Decision-Making
IV.    Health Disparities and Factors Influencing Health
V.     Cross-Cultural Clinical Skills

Health professional educators may find the shortened version of the TACCT to be more useful:
Lie D, Boker J, Crandall S, DeGannes C, Elliott D, Henderson P, Kodjo C, Seng L. A Revised Curriculum Tool for Assessing Cultural Competency Training (TACCT) in Health Professions Education. MedEdPORTAL; 2009. Available from: www.mededportal.org/publication/3185