Under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Roy and Dr. Jacquie Wallen, and with funding from the University of Maryland’s Center for Teaching Excellence, the Department of Family Science is developing an innovative Cultural Competence Initiative for undergraduate students in family science.  The activities will be integrated into three different sets of courses. First, these activities will become the centerpiece of a redesigned course FMSC 330: Family Theories and Patterns requirement. Second, an on-line version of this course will be developed, with a blended learning approach to acquisition of knowledge and skills for cultural competence. Additionally, some learning activities will be imported into existing courses, including FMSC 383: Human Services, FMSC 381: Poverty, Affluence, and Families, and FMSC 332/432: Children in Families and Adulthood and Aging.

Over a four-year period, approximately 550 Family Science majors will complete the set of courses and activities to promote cultural competence. In addition, 640 non-majors will complete FMSC 330, along with 200 majors and non-majors who take the on-line course. We anticipate approximately 375 students per year, or around 1500 students over a four-year period, will take part in the learning activities from this Initiative.  

During 2012-2013, activities will be developed and piloted activities, and instructors trained in FMSC 330 and FMSC existing courses. The first on-line course in cultural competency was piloted during the summer 2013 semester and formal courses offered for the on-line course and FMSC 330 in 2013-2014.