1. What previous coursework is required to apply for the MPH?
    There is no required coursework to apply for the MPH at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, College Park. While undergraduate coursework in math and science may enhance your application, it is not required for admission. Often candidates will have a basic undergraduate background in math and science, such as statistics or calculus, and biology or chemistry. Applicants who do not have this background are encouraged to take courses in preparation to starting the program.
  2. Is there a Supplemental Fee for applications in addition to the SOPHAS fee?
    Yes. All applicants must submit a supplemental fee of $75.
  3. Is there a Part-time Program?
    The majority of courses in the MPH program are offered in the evening (4pm or later). This allows for students to attend the program while also working full-time. Information on credit hours for full-time and part-time students can be found in the graduate catalog at www.gradschool.umd.edu/catalog/registration_policies.htm.
  4. Do I need to send transcripts to The University of Maryland Graduate School, College Park as well as SOPHAS?
    Yes. The graduate school will ask for transcripts with the supplemental application, however, these do not need to be certified copies. 
  5. Is there funding for MPH students?
    We do not have formal funding mechanisms for MPH students. Occasionally faculty will have a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) position available on a research grant. Students are encouraged to seek funding from other sources. For information about available sources of graduate student funding at UMD look to the Funding and Finances section of the Graduate School website (www.gradschool.umd.edu).  Also, we strongly encourage students to visit the UMD Graduate School website to learn about tuition costs and associated fees per credit hour.
  6. How many letters of recommendation do I need in order to apply? Who should write my letters of recommendation?
    The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Maryland School of Public Health requires a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation. We accept letters written by professors, employers, supervisors, and other individuals who have a working relationship with the applicant. Letters should not be written by family, friends, or acquaintances. The Admissions Committee recommends that at least one (1) of an applicant’s letters of recommendations be written by a professor with whom they have worked closely or under whom they have studied.
  7. What should I cover in my Statement of Purpose? How long should it be?
    The Statement of Purpose is intended as an opportunity for applicants to provide a narrative of their education, experiences, and career objectives. The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics recommends the statement of purpose to include goals and interests consistent with faculty expertise. While there is no specific length requirement for the Statement, applicants often submit 1-2 pages, single-spaced.
  8. Does the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Maryland, College Park have rolling admissions?
    No. We only have fall admissions.
  9. Will the Admissions Committee for the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics review my application if it is considered incomplete?
    No. The Admissions Committee will not forward your application for review unless all required items have been submitted as well as the UMD Graduate School Supplemental Application.
  10. Should I wait for letters of recommendation and test scores to arrive before submitting to SOPHAS?
    No. As soon as your application is complete with items that you have control over (personal statement, resume or C.V., all required sections of the online application, transcripts) you should submit your application. This will allow SOPHAS to begin verifying and preparing your application.