Our students receive funding for their masters and doctoral degree study from a wide variety of sources, both extramural and intramural. In addition to the sources of information that are listed below, it is important to note that EPIB faculty find it of utmost importance to share information on potential funding opportunities and internships to students in the department, by email throughout the year, as funding cycles may differ.

Funding Resources

Priority for EPIB graduate assistantships (GAs) and teaching assistantships (TAs) with state or faculty research funding is given to full-time doctoral students. EPIB graduate (MPH and PhD) students have also been supported in the following manner:

Students are encouraged to review funding information on the graduate school website, including fellowships and awards here: UMD Graduate School. Some of the fellowships available through our school are listed here: Graduate Student Fellowships. Other student assistantships and fellowships may be available directly from research centers or faculty. For example, the Herschel S. Horowitz Center for Health Literacy has established a dissertation fellowship award for doctoral students whose dissertation research relates to health literacy. Information regarding loans, grants and other sources of funding can be found on the Office of Financial Aid website.


Students have also benefited by this close proximity to Federal agencies and international, national, state and local organizations by obtaining paid internships for the summer, or to complete their MPH requirements. Examples of paid internships have included the following:

•       HHS Food and Drug Administration
•       HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
•       Adventist HealthCare Inc.'s Center for Health Disparities
•       The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs

Students are also encouraged to search for internships in the SPH Internship Database found here: Internship Database

Students interested in Federal internships should start very early since it takes several months to review applications, complete paperwork and obtain any needed clearances.  Each Federal agency has its own requirements for application. For example:

Travel Scholarships

  We also encourage our students to explore student travel scholarships and awards in order to participate in conferences and workshops.  EPIB students have successfully obtained travel scholarships from the graduate school and other organizations to attend a wide variety of conferences and workshops. Information on travel scholarships can be found here: Travel Scholarships.

Career Resources

A list of career resources can be found here: Career Resources. Public health job announcements can be found through organizational listservs, and websites such as: