Forms for EPIB PhD Students

This table lists the forms required by the department, the SPH, and the Graduate School for your PhD program. For a full list of Graduate School forms go to

* GD refers to Director of Graduate Studies for EPIB; GS refers to Graduate School

Form Type




Submit To

General  Forms

Prior to each semester

Program Plans 

Identifies courses to be taken each semester.

Advisor, GD*

May 1, yearly

PhD Student Degree Progress Report 

Yearly reporting of progress to degree to ensure students are on track to graduate.

Advisor, GD

End of 1st year

Program of Study Approval Form

Milestone 1 of PhD program. See PhD Handbook for details.

Advisor, GD

After comprehensive exams

Comprehensive Exam Approval Form

Application for Admission to Candidacy

Submit after successful completion of written and oral comprehensive exam.

Advisor, GD, GS*

Dissertation Forms

At least 5 working days before proposal/defense meeting

SPH Proposal and Defense Meeting Announcement

Completed by student who then posts on the departmental bulletin board.

Advisor, GD

Immediately after Proposal approval

SPH Proposal Approval

Proposal approval form for dissertation

Advisor, GD

At least 6 weeks before scheduled defense

Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation Committee

Identifies chair and other members of dissertation committee.

Advisor, GD, Registrar

Immediately after final Thesis or Dissertation is approved

Report of Examining Committee

GD receives this form from the Registrar after the Nomination of Thesis/Dissertation committee is approved.  Certifies that all thesis/dissertation corrections have been made.

Advisor, GD, Registrar

Graduate school deadlines

Thesis and Dissertation Submittal

Electronically submit Thesis and Dissertation. 


Graduate school deadlines

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Publication 

Authorization for electronic publication of thesis or dissertation.

 Advisor, Registrar

Graduation Forms

Graduate school deadlines

Application for Graduation

Submitted electronically.

Advisor, GD, Registrar

Graduate school deadliness

Approved Program Form

Certifies the satisfactory completion of your program.

Advisor, GD, Registrar