The resources listed here and on the related pages are compiled to serve several of our constituencies.  We welcome input on new resources to add to these pages.  At the current time, we have resources for:

  1. Faculty and staff of the school:  We've compiled a list of forms and checklists specifically to suit faculty needs and requirements for travel, travel reimbursement, procurement, and expense declarations.
  2. Current students in one of our degree programs:  Here, we provide a number of resources that will be useful to our current students.
  3. Those interested in applying for one of our degree programs:  In this area, we've compiled what we believe is a useful list of resources for potential future students in our programs.
  4. Public health resources:  Here, we've compiled a number of resources in at four areas:
    • Epidemiology and Biostatistics Professional Associations:  These professional associations often serve as a core resource which practicing professionals turn to for networking, continuing education, publications, and annual conferences and meetings.  This is also something that students should be looking to because these organizations often have reduced rates for students and this is often a good way to become familiar with other colleagues in your field.
    • Meetings and conferences:  Professionals attend meetings to learn what colleagues are doing and to network with collaborators and others. In addition, these meetings are often forums for presenting papers, symposia, and posters to describe our own work to others. At these meetings and conferences, we get immediate professional feedback on our research and other scholarly activity.
    • Public health resources in our area: We often talk about "location" as one of our great advantages as a school of public health, and the list on this page gives you a chance to see how resource rich this area really is.  These resources also provide us an opportunity for research and service collaborations as well as internship sites for students.
    • Videos and other media resources:  We live in a media-friendly world and can both learn a great deal from these resources as well as apply them to our work.  The list on this page will grow over time.