The Bachelor of Science degree in Family Science requires 120 credits. In addition to the University's General Education Program, the Family Science program requires 48 credits of its majors. Descriptions of all the Family Science courses are available on this website. 

Family Science Major Requirements 

PSYC100   3
SOCY100 or SOCY105   3
COMM107, INAG110, ENES143, JOUR130, COMM125, COMM200 or COMM100   3
SPHL 100 (Starting Fall 2018)   3
STAT100, EDMS451, PSYC200, SOCY201, CCJS200 or MATH214 Depends on specific course 3
FMSC290, ECON200 or ECON201   3
FMSC302 Approved statistics course 3
FMSC310 (Starting Fall 2017)   3
FMSC330   3
FMSC332 PSYC100 3
FMSC381 SOCY100 or SOCY105 3
FMSC383 FMSC330 3
FMSC432 FMSC332 3
FMSC477 FMSC330, FMSC383


FMSC487   3
FMSC Electives (2 courses: One must be upper level)   6