MIA SMITH BYNUM, PH.D.Dr. Mia Smith Bynum is associate professor of family science and Director of the Black Families Research Group.She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia.  After graduating in 1999, Dr. Smith Bynum completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Center for Family Research at the University of Georgia before joining the faculty in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University in 2001. In January 2010, Dr. Smith Bynum joined the Department of Family Science, where she formed the Black Families Research Group.

Dr. Smith Bynum is an expert in family communication, especially parent-adolescent communication about difficult topics (e.g., racism, teen sexual decision making).  She is also an expert in parenting, racial identity, adolescent mental health, and the factors that contribute to the mental health of ethnic minorities generally.  She has published several research articles and book chapters in these areas.  Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute on Child Health and Human Development.