Current Research Projects

Pro-Patient Effects of Competing Health Insurance Licensures
Dr. Manouchehr Mokhtari
Dr. Mokhtari and Dr. Abdelhamid and colleagues’ research focuses on reducing health care costs, which is exceeding 17% of GDP in the United States. They note that, lower health insurance premiums are vital for the success of Affordable Care Act that intends both to expand and lower health care costs in the United States. Their extensive analytical analysis indicate that reduction in health insurance premiums are possible, if the government provides a framework for competition among health industry regulators. Using their neo-capture framework, Dr. Mokhtari, et al., show that competition among health insurance regulators will have strong pro-patient effects. In particular, they conclude that the pro-patient effects of the competition among health insurance licensors do not depend on the need for the patients to form or exercise their political influence, such as, forming cooperatives or voting. When inter-jurisdictional transactions are allowed, endogenous policy making ensures that the health care regulators pursue public interests at no costs to patients.

Reducing Informal Payments in the Health Care System Using Patient Satisfaction Survey
Dr. Manouchehr Mokhtari
Dr. Mokhtari's analysis of data from a survey of almost 20,000 patients fills a void in understanding informal payments in the countries in transition. A probability model of informal payments shows that knowledge and information have significant impact on reducing frequency of informal payments. Thus, informing patients, which is the least expensive and intrusive role of the government, could significantly reduce out-of-pocket health care spending.