Establish an Advisory Council.

This Council addresses the availability, accessibility, and quality of behavioral health services for veterans and their families. The Council plays a critical role in developing and implementing the three other project components.

Conduct a statewide, online needs assessment of behavioral health providers and primary care physicians who interact with veterans and their families.

The survey identified providers’ prior military connections, the extent to which they currently screen for military status, their knowledge and confidence to treat issues that affect veterans and their families, and their specific training interests.

Train community behavioral health and primary care providers in appropriate interventions for veterans and their family members.

The first training for behavioral health providers was held in March 2013 at the University of Maryland, College Park, Hagerstown Community College, and Harford Community College. Two more trainings, one for advanced clinical training of licensed mental health providers and one for primary care physicians and nurses, will be held during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Enhance peer support networks for veterans returning to Maryland community colleges and four-year institutions.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Howard Community College were selected as the first two peer support partner sites. Four more campuses will be selected for the 2013-2014 academic year.