Past Research Projects

Risk and Resilience in War Veterans Returning to College: A Pilot Study of Veterans' Health, Academic, and Family Challenges and Strengths
Dr. Sally KoblinskyDr. Leigh Leslie, and Dr. Kevin Roy
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created unique demands on members of our armed forces. Growing numbers of veterans are using GI Bill benefits to enroll in colleges and universities across the country. Researchers have yet to identify the factors that facilitate or compromise their adjustment to academic and civilian life. This qualitative study examines major educational, health, and family challenges of student veterans of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars, and identifies factors that promote veterans' adjustment. Approximately 35 UMCO veterans are participating in focus groups that investigate academic needs and adaptation to campus life; mental and physical health challenges; impacts of deployment on family relations; and formal and informal support systems. Focus group discussions are audio taped, transcribed, and analyzed with QSR-NUDIST software. Data is providing insight into development and implementation of interventions to improve the health and well-being of active duty personnel and veterans returning to civilian life.


UMCP Veteran's Student Organization (VSO)
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