The Maryland Family Policy Impact Seminar provides public forums in which citizens can deliberate about matters of public policy, finding common ground and shared direction through dialogue.  The Maryland Family Policy Impact Seminar seeks the participation and opinions of Maryland citizens in the Kettering Foundation’s National Issues Forum. 

The Kettering Foundation’s National Issues Forum encourages citizens to discuss the drawbacks and tradeoffs of several approaches to addressing quality, access, and affordability of health care.  Forum participants voice their perspectives on the issues surrounding health care.  Outcomes of each forum are provided to policymakers.

The Maryland Family Policy Impact Seminar, through its participation in the Kettering National Issues Forum, encourages active citizen involvement in current public policy matters.  For more information visit the Kettering National Issues Forums.   

Health Care Forums in Maryland

Examining Health Care: What’s the Public’s Prescription? - 2004

Examining Health Care: What’s the Public’s Prescription? presents findings from public deliberations on health care policy in nine U.S. states.   Participants’ thoughts on health insurance, health care policy, and health care reform are presented and implications for public policy are discussed.  For more information about public deliberations on health care, please view the Examining Health Care: What’s the Public’s Prescription? presentation here.

Sizing Up America– 2005

Bonnie Braun, Ph.D., is co-author of “The Sizing of America: A Public Issues Approach to Obesity.”  Stephanie Grutzmacher and Sarah Kaye, Department of Family Science doctoral students, served on the national committee responsible for compiling the materials.  The initiative was funded by the Charles F. Kettering Foundation and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).  Citizens in communities and students in classes can use the Sizing Up America materials (located on the AAFCS website) below: 

Please contact Dr. Braun with any questions.

Emergency Preparedness - 2006

Emergency Preparedness refers to actions taken in anticipation of an emergency to facilitate rapid, effective, and appropriate response to the situation.  The following resources present several suggestions for policy interventions and strategies that would promote and sustain a high level of emergency preparedness in the face of natural disasters and major public emergencies. Citizens in communities and students in classes can use the Emergency Preparedness materials below:

Engaging Unheard Voices – 2006

Engaging Unheard Voices, a two-year research project funded by the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, investigated the question of conditions under which limited resource citizens can and will engage in deliberative public policy projects.  The project identified barriers and how to overcome them.  It will also serve as the basis for citizenship and leadership education in the months ahead.  Dr. Bonnie Braun led a team of faculty and graduate and undergraduate students in the investigation.  She and her team are available to share the findings in person and lead discussions about implications.  For more information about Engaging Unheard Voices, please view the March 2006 final report here