Careers with a Doctor of Philosophy in Maternal and Child Health

There is currently a strong demand for graduates with doctoral degrees in Maternal and Child Health. A recent study by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration (2001), revealed a need for graduate-level professionals with greater expertise in MCH epidemiology, data analysis, policy, advocacy, and program planning and evaluation, among other areas. The American Public Health Association predicts that 50% of the federal public health workforce and 25% of the state public health workforce will retire in the next five years, further demonstrating a growing demand for MCH professionals.

Job titles for graduates of MCH PhD program:

  • Academic positions in colleges and universities
  • Research positions in colleges and universities
  • High level administrative or research positions in city/county/state/national health and human service agencies
  • Leadership positions in nongovernmental and advocacy organizations
  • Administrative positions in private health care organizations such as hospitals, HMOs, and health insurers