Past Research Projects

Food Insecurity Among Rural, Low-Income Families
Dr. Elaine Anderson and Dr. Bonnie Braun
Drs. Anderson and Braun are co-directors of the research project, Food Availability, Accessibility and Affordability: Perception and Reality of Factors Potentially Associated with Obesity Among Rural, Low-Income Families, funded by the School of Public Health. They are conducting a obesity-related food surveillance of a rural, low-income community, as well as a targeted survey of perceived household food security among low-income mothers. The instrumentation pilot tests are assessing the relationship between food availability, accessibility and affordability in relation to household food security. Instruments are being tested for use with future studies of similar populations and settings.

Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program Evaluation
Dr. Bonnie Braun
The goal of this project is to help the Food Stamp program more effectively improve the diet of participants and the systems that affect their lives. Dr. Braun and Family Science graduate students collect data from Food Stamp eligible individuals about their attitudes and behaviors relating to use of the Food Stamp program, including views of the program and its operations. They also conduct an evaluation of the Maryland Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program each year. The funding for this project is provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture through the Maryland Department of Human Resources.