The mission of Maryland Extension is to extend research-based knowledge to state citizens for both personal and public decision-making. The Family Science Department includes three faculty members with appointments through Maryland Extension in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR). Our Maryland Extension faculty are members of and tenured in the Department of Family Science, unlike most Maryland Extension faculty who are members of AGNR units. Still, their outreach, research, and teaching functions are similar to those of other Extension Specialists.

Extension Faculty

The Maryland Extension faculty in Family Science specialize in the following areas:

Specific information about the Extension faculty outreach, research and teaching is indicated on their individual faculty web pages.

Extension Outreach

Outreach to Maryland citizens takes a variety of forms. Our Extension faculty:

  • Assist local leaders with determining needs and setting priorities to improve child and family well-being.
  • Develop and disseminate research-based educational materials and programs, often through local Extension educators and community leaders.
  • Provide professional development training and education of county Extension faculty and collaborators.
  • Coordinate statewide educational program development or evaluations of statewide programs for Extension and public agencies.
  • Speak at national, state, and local conferences and meetings and publish works of scholarship.
  • Secure grant funding to expand and enhance Extension outreach programs.
  • Consult with state agencies and policy-makers to improve child and family policies and programs.
  • Work with the media to respond to public interests, and to publicize strategies for improving child and family well-being.

Student Opportunities with Extension

Both undergraduate and graduate Family Science students have opportunities to collaborate with our Maryland Extension faculty on research and community outreach projects.