Caregiving image - holding older person's handThe Department of Health Policy and Management focuses on eliminating disparities in health and access to health care, improving health care delivery and management, creating effective health policy, and financing public health services delivery.

At a time of extraordinary need driven by rising health care costs, the aging of the population and growing health disparities, the Department of Health Policy and Management seeks to prepare students for research and careers in areas of health policy and health care management related to these critical issues. Because the state of Maryland is a national leader in health care reform and has a racially and ethnically diverse population, students have the opportunity to work on initiatives to improve health and bring affordable health care for Maryland’s most vulnerable populations. Students also benefit from contact with Washington DC-based health care associations, non-profit organizations, and federal programs as well as state programs and agencies.

Our faculty members represent disciplines including health services, health management, economics, sociology, public health, public policy, organizational development and psychology. Recent research studies include projects focusing on documenting the impact of HUD housing on child health; examining the Affordable Care Act's implications for insurance markets, system redesign and access to care; evaluating quality of care in Medicare Advantage; examining the effects of hospital-community-public health integration on racial and ethnic disparities in mental health; evaluating public-private family planning program in Deleware; examing the effect of Medicaid vision coverage and employment outcomes; developing recommendations to the state of Maryland to improve health care delivery and health in 5 rural counties on the Mid-Shore; investigating differences in health and longevity by immigrant origin; and evaluating a HUD demonstration focusing on older residents with behavioral health diagnoses.