What is the Academic Plan?

The School of Public Health has the expectation that students will complete their degree in the college in a timely manner. For most full-time students this will be four years. To aid students in the timely movement through their degree program, the Kinesiology major has an academic plan template which students may use in planning their program.

Each major also has benchmarks designed to help students and advisors plan course selection that will insure that students are able to successfully complete their degree in a reasonable amount of time. Benchmarks are specific courses that must be successfully completed by a set number of credits in the major. At no time will benchmarks be used to keep students from entering a major. Rather, they will be used to plan an approach that will help the student most effectively move to completion of degree requirements.

The Kinesiology major handbook has more details on program requirements, benchmarks and deadlines.

Students who do not follow established plans for meeting benchmarks or are not making satisfactory progress in the meeting of benchmarks, will be referred by the Academic Advisor to the Assistant Dean of Student Services. Students who are unable to make satisfactory progress in their degree program will not be eligible to continue in that degree program.

Directions for completing the Academic Plan are available at Student Service Center website.