Training Description

TerpAccess Disability Network delivers the Disability Awareness and Advocacy Training to students, faculty and staff. Training focus on educating the community about appropriate attitudes and interactions needed when serving, teaching or working with people and/or peers with disabilities.

Topics include ableism, disability in our community, person-first language, disability etiquette, rightful accomodations, campus resources and discussion on strategies that can be used to make a difference! 

Participants engage in hands-on learning experiences and role-play activities focused on understanding the needs of people with disabilities. This will allow participants to identify their own bias towards people with disabilities and develop an action plan for better interacting, working and relating to our community with disabilities. 


Training Schedule

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Customized training

Schedule a customized trainning for your department, organization or group at UMD or off-campus. Contact Dr. Ana Palla-Kane.