The Department of Kinesiology is the home to a world-class faculty, and talented undergraduate and graduate students. Since its creation in 1892, as a Department of Physical Education for Women to 1990 when it became a Department of Kinesiology, the Department has influenced the lives of thousands of students who have graduated from the Department's programs. Those who know the Department -- its students, faculty, alumni, partners, and friends -- appreciate what the Department has done for them. And many have, in turn, found that they can do something for the Department. Today, more than ever, the generous gifts from individuals and organizations are critical to our continued efforts to strive for excellence in education, research, and service. No matter the level of your gift... it makes a difference.

Please browse our website to see all the wonderful educational and research programs that are ongoing. Your gift could play a critical role in maintaining a program, helping a student complete their education, or initiating a new program or project.

Scholarships and fellowships are very important to students today as the cost of education has moved beyond the grasp of many. Having these funds available to our students allows us to provide the financial assistance for those who want to graduate and work in a field that uses the knowledge they have gained in Kinesiology to change the future. There are two ways to support student scholarships:

  1. Make a contribution to an already existing fund (see below)
  2. Personalize your gift by creating a scholarship fund.

Another way your gift can make a difference to the Department is to give to one of several funds that support departmental activities. These funds support student travel, the Department speaker series, research projects, and other important activities in Kinesiology. There are three ways to contribute to Kinesiology funds:

  1. Give to a specific existing fund (see below)
  2. Initiate a new fund to support activities
  3. Give to the Chair's Fund (which provides unrestricted giving that provides the flexibility to meet immediate program needs)

Thank you for considering a gift to the Department of Kinesiology. More information and a website for giving can be found here. Please contact us if you have questions or wish to talk about ways that you could contribute to the Department of Kinesiology.


David H. Clarke Graduate Fellowship

When Dr. David H. Clarke retired as Department Chair, his colleagues and friends initiated a graduate fellowship to honor his distinguished career as a scholar and professional. This fellowship is awarded annually to academically exceptional students applying for the doctoral degree in the Department. It is awarded to the recipient for two years.

Sally J. Phillips Dissertation Fellowship

In 2005, after serving for a number of years as the associate chair and graduate director, Dr. Sally Phillips retired. To honor her many and valuable contributions to the graduate program, her colleagues and friends created a dissertation fellowship. This fellowship is intended to aide in the process of doctoral candidates completing their dissertation.

Elaine Henson Memorial Fund

Elaine Henson was a doctoral student in the Department of Kinesiology when she tragically died in a traffic accident. As an international student from the Philippines, this fund was established in her memory to support graduate student travel to present papers at scholarly conferences or to conduct research in another laboratory, with special consideration for those traveling internationally. This is a one-time award.

Whitlark Fellowship

This endowed fellowship supports selected international research activities by Kinesiology doctoral students at the University of Maryland. Fellows are expected to participate in projects with outcomes of intellectual merit, international scope, and educational value that contribute to the student’s scholarly development. 

Susan G. Stewart, M.A '69, Graduate Fellowship in Kinesiology

This endowed fellowship supports graduate students enrolled in the master's program in Kinesiology at the University of Maryland. The fund provides tuition support and is renewable for up to one year for students with strong academic standing.