Potential Careers

Athletic Trainer

Cardiac/Pulmonary rehabilitation



Occupational Therapist

Pharmaceutical /medical device sales

Physical therapy/PT Assistant

Physician (chiropractic, allopathic, osteopathic, podiatry)

Physician Assistant (PA)


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KNES Upper Level Option Courses

KNES 332 Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription

KNES333 Physical Activity for Students with Special Needs

KNES 402 Biomechanics of Sport

KNES405 Principles & Techniques of Manual Muscle Testing

KNES 440 Psychology of Athletic Performance

KNES 442 Psychology of Exercise and Health

KNES 455 Scientific Bases of Athletic Conditioning

KNES 461 Exercise and Body Composition

KNES 462 Neural Bases of Movement

KNES 464 Exercise and Metabolism

KNES 465  Exercise and Disease Prevention

KNES 466 Graded Exercise Testing

KNES 460 Exercise and Aging

KNES498C Exercise and Brain Health

KNES 498T Principles and Applications of Exercise Rehabilitation

KNES498W Prosthetics for Limb Amputations

Suggested Social Science/Interdisciplinary Electives 

  • AASP189I HIV/AIDS in a Global Perspective
  • AASP441 Science, Technology, and the Black Community
  • AMST260 American Culture in the Information Age
  • AMST328L Perspectives on Identity and Culture
  • AMST498Q Special Topics: Asian American Psychology
  • ANSC252 Introduction to the Disease of Wildlife
  • ANSC410 The Gut Microbiome and its Roles in Health & Disease
  • ANTH210 Introduction to Medical Anthropology & Global Health
  • ANTH221 Introduction to Forensic Sciences
  • ANTH263 Sexuality and Culture
  • ANTH265 Anthropology of Global Health
  • ANTH414 Women’s Health: Ethnographic Approaches to Women’s Reproduction
  • ANTH310 Method & Theory in Medical Anthropology & Global Health
  • ANTH360 Method & Theory in Sociocultural Anthropology
  • ANTH412 Hypermarginality & Urban Health
  • ANTH413 Health Disparities in the US
  • ANTH471 Human Difference, Cultural Understanding, & Social Healing
  • ANTH472 Medical Anthropology
  • ARTH389A The Art of Drawing: A Left & Right Brain Experience
  • ARTH389B The Art of Color: A Left & Right Brain Experience
  • ARTH389E Intersections Between Science & Visual Culture
  • BMGT289 Why Good Managers Make Bad Decisions
  • COMM324 Communications & Gender
  • COMM382 Essentials of Intercultural Communication
  • COMM424 Communication in Complex Organizations
  • COMM427 Crisis Communication
  • COMM470 Listening
  • DANC398Y Yoga, Improvisation, & Embodied Metaphors
  • EDHD320 Human Development Through the Lifespan
  • EDHD402 Social Development
  • EDHD411 Child Growth & Development
  • EDHD412 Infant Development
  • EDHD413 Adolescent Development
  • EDSP376 Fundamentals of Sign Language
  • EDSP476 Communicating with Sign Language
  • ENGL378A Medical Humanities: Science, Rhetoric, & Literature
  • ENGL134 The Rites of Discovery: Science, Law, and Literature
  • ENGL255 Literature of Science and Technology
  • ENST233 Intro to Environmental Health
  • ECON465 Health Care Economics
  • FMSC110: Families and Global Health
  • FMSC170 Future of Families: Issues and Controversies
  • FMSC190 Man UP: Where are the Fathers?
  • FMSC260 Couple Relationships
  • FMSC310 Maternal, Child and Family Health
  • FMSC332 Children in Families
  • FMSC383 Delivery of Human Services to Families
  • FMSC431 Family and Crisis Intervention
  • FMSC432 Adult Development and Aging in Families
  • FMSC460 Violence in Families
  • FMSC381 Poverty, Affluence, & Families (permission required)
  • HIST204 Introduction to the History of Science
  • HIST213 A History of Sexuality in America
  • HIST289Y Zombies, Fear, &Contagion: A Cultural History
  • HIST329B Drugs in the Modern World: From Opium Wars to the
  • HIST404 History of Modern Biology
  • Any HLTH course
  • HLSA300 Intro to Health Policy & Services
  • HLSA484 Redesigning a Clinic to Meet Community Needs
  • HONR238N Public Health and Contemporary Issues: "Saving Lives Millions at a Time"
  • HONR248K Applications of Biomedical Ethics
  • KNES260 Science of Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health
  • KNES289W The Cybernetic Human
  • MIEH321: Syphilis to SARS - Climate Change, Development and Emergence of Infectious Disease
  • PHIL220 Bioethics: Regulating Right & Wrong
  • PHIL140 Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PHIL209A Bioethics: Regulating Right and Wrong
  • PHIL209J The Rights & Wrongs of Killing People
  • PHIL209N Know Thyself: Wisdom Through Cognitive Science
  • PHIL261 Philosophy of the Environment
  • PHIL341 Ethical Theory
  • PHIL354 Philosophy of Physics
  • PHIL362 Theory of Knowledge
  • PHIL366 Philosophy of the Mind
  • PHIL453 Philosophy of Science II
  • PLCY359M Leadership in the Information Age
  • PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC206 Developmental Biopsychology
  • PSYC289D Psychology of happiness
  • PSYC354 Multicultural Psychology in the US
  • PSYC437 The Assessment and Treatment of Addictve Behaviors
  • SOCY100/105 Intro to Sociology/Contemporary Social Problems
  • SOCY120 Veterans in American Society
  • SOCY236 DSSP Gender and Health
  • SOCY202 DSSP Introduction to Research Methods in Sociology
  • SOCY298D/AASP298D/HLTH298D: African-American Health Disparities and Social Justice
  • SOCY335 Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOCY435 Society, Biology and Health
  • SOCY413 Sociology of Aging
  • SPHL498F Social, Political, and Ethical Issues of Public Health (permission required)
  • SPHL498G Public Health in the City: Global and Domestic Perspectives on the Urban Environment (permission required, at Shady Grove)
  • WMST298O Women’s Bodies in Contention
  • WMST326 Biology of Reproduction

Relevant Links

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American Nurses Association: https://www.nursingworld.org/

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American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association https://www.aopanet.org/

American Physical Therapy Association http://www.apta.org/

Careers in Medicine: https://www.aamc.org/cim/

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society https://www.hfes.org/home

The National Athletic Trainers' Association https://www.nata.org/

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