The Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC) is a standardized motor skill assessment that tests a child's performance in manual dexterity, ball skills, and balance. The test takes between 30 - 45 minutes to complete. This test is used to determine eligibility for our different research studies. Parents may receive a report of their child's performance on this assessment.

Melissa gives instructions and demonstrates the coin task to the child. The child is asked to move as quickly as he can to place each coin, one-by-one, into the slot in the top of the box with his right hand.

The child is placing the square beads onto the string one by one as fast as he can. He only has a few more beads to go!

Balancing on one leg is really tough! The child tries to balance on his right leg for as long as he can without letting his left foot touch the ground.

Melissa writes qualitative observations of the child's performance in addition to writing down the child's qualitative score.

If you have any questions about these procedures or would like to have your child participate in the motor skill assessment and our research studies, feel free to contact Melissa Pangelinan or call 301-405-6872.