Intant Posture Studies

*Please Note: We are currently not recruiting new participants for this study. However, if you have any questions about this research please contact Dr. Jane Clark.

"So...this is what helps me stand". Upon first arriving, this infant studies the resident skeleton in our lab.
"OK, right hand on the bar, face forward, and feet together." This infant shows us how it's done! This is a good example of a quiet standing position.
This infant proves to Mom that he can stand on the platform without the support of the touchbar.
This infant pulls himself to a standing position with the help of a chair while Tzu-Yun watches closely behind him.
Taking a snack break. "Wait a minute, this isn't edible!" The infants are allowed to take breaks in between trials throughout the test.
"Here is the saddle I sit on...and behind me are the toys I play with while I'm testing." This infant gives us a tour of his workplace.
This infant's movements are being recorded by cameras like the one shown behind him.
Pausing to take a picture with Dad after finishing a test at the motor behavioral lab.