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TerpAccess Disability Network has the mission of establishing an inclusive environment where all students, staff, faculty and visitors with disabilities feels welcomed and supported at UMD.

This initiative includes Disability Awareness & Advocacy Training (DAAT), events and programs to students, faculty and staff. 

Our vision is that the initiative to become a campus-wide movement with the mission of establishing an inclusive environment where every student, staff, faculty and community with disabilities feel welcomed, respected and supported at UMD.  

TerpAccess was founded by Dr. Ana Palla-Kane and Stephanie Cork in the Fall 2014 as a Maryland Moving Forward inititative from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The campuswide initiative is current housed in the Division of Information Technology. 


Our Team

Directed by Dr. Ana Palla-Kane the TerpAccess team includes a group of commiteed undergraduate and graduate students. 

Group picture of TerpAccess team including 16 undergraduate students and Ana Palla-Kane

What we offer

Events and programs

Disability Advocacy & Awareness Training 

Contact us

Dr. Ana Palla-Kane, director

anapalla@umd.edu | 301-405-3364

terpaccess@umd.edu | Visit TerpAccess page