Public Health Aerobiology, Virology, and Exhaled Biomarker Laboratory (PHAB Lab)

Room Number: 
2231A & 0117
Office Phone Number: 

Principal Investigator: Dr. Donald Milton
Senior Scientist: Dr. Sheldon Tai

See the website of our current project: CATCH the Virus Study

The laboratory supports studies of airborne infection transmission, influenza epidemiology, bioaerosol exposure in asthma, and non-invasive monitoring of exhaled biomarkers. Capabilities of the lab include culturing viruses, RTqPCR, analysis of exhaled breath particles, bioaerosol sampling, and immunoassay.  

Equipment: Kingfisher Duo nucleic acid preparation workstation, QuantStudio7 with TaqMan Array Card qPCR system, Two Qiagen QiaCube robotic nucleic acid preparation workstations, Agilent Mx3005P qPCR system, Biotek ELX808IU and FLX800TBIE visible and fluorescence temperature controlled kinetic microplate readers, three CO2 incubators, a biosafety cabinet, two G-II human exhaled aerosol collectors (an additional device at National University of Singapore), a Human Exhaled Aerosol Droplet (HEAD) sampler with cryogenic impactor, four Pulmatrix Exhalair exhaled particle analyzer and collectors, assorted aerosol generators for liquid droplet and dry aerosols, HEPA filtered glove box and large chamber for aerosol containment, Vaisala CO2 monitors, air sampling pumps, and upper-room UVC fixtures.